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Trading is hard. Trying to locate the best Forex broker is even harder. Here at best-forex-guide.com we do the hard work for you, so that you and all our readers can enter the fascinating world of online trading as effortlessly as possible.

Our vigorous analysis of an online FX broker covers several areas and includes close to 200 criteria. To better serve our readers, we check brokers anonymously with a live account and base our final scores and verdict on our 10-year experience.

Everything you read on best-forex-guide.com is based on first-hand experience. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to visualize the entire procedure. From opening an account and making a deposit to navigating through the trading tools and actually placing a trade.

Once we go over our checklist, we analyze the data and come to a verdict by giving a final score based on our own professional experience so that it reflects what our readers are searching for — to find the best online CFD broker.