ArrowTeks Forex Broker Review 2021

ArrowTeks Forex Broker Review 2021

If you are interested in personalized 1-on-1 coaching and industry-leading market data, ArrowTeks is a place for you. This is a Forex broker, founded by experienced traders who are eager to help people improve their skills and gain new knowledge. With innovative trading tools, clients can always have all the necessary information, while the educational material brings your trading game to the next level.

All of this sounds more than attractive, but in this ArrowTeks review, we will see if you can really get it. We truly hope that those things won’t end up being just false promises, because we get very excited once we find a good and transparent Forex broker.

Tradable assets at ArrowTeks

The excellent news is that ArrowTeks offers a wide variety of trading assets. So, we have hopes this review will end up being very positive. As a client, you can choose between more than 200 assets from different classes. It doesn’t matter which account you choose, all of them are at your disposal.

Of course, we checked to see if all popular companies are on the list, and there is no need to worry. In the stocks section, you will find companies such as Volkswagen, Pfizer and the most popular FAANG group. Apparently, ArrowTeks covered its clients completely and that’s an excellent thing to see.


ArrowTeks trading platform features

The trading platform is a page where we spent most of the time while writing this review. Not because it’s complicated and we couldn’t find the way to navigate through it. No, it’s because it has so many different features and we wanted to check them all. Eventually, we realised that the platform is fully customisable and it was so interesting that we spent almost an hour arranging things according to our preferences. Yes, we are shamelessly telling you that we spent the majority of time practically playing because it’s so addictive and fun.

Now, let’s talk about more important things. The trading platform is web-based and you can use it one every device. It’s responsive, error-free and it contains every detail you might need. Visually, it’s perfect. It doesn’t have any parts that will distract you while trading and it’s divided into three parts — one contains everything for account management, another has the list of assets and the third one is a chart that gives you every detail about the specific asset you chose.

As we said, the chart can be changed according to your needs. The interval can vary from one minute to one month, there are five different chart types, and you can select indicators and do many other things that will create a perfect trading environment.

When we summarise impressions about the trading platform, we can say it’s absolutely great. Although there isn’t a downloadable version, we do not mind that at all because everything else is excellent. Most importantly, you will be able to manage it even if you don’t have a day of the experience.


Account types offered at ArrowTeks

What is the first thing traders always check about the broker? A diversity of account types, of course. Nobody wants to trade with a broker who offers only one account with poor trading conditions and that’s why we like to dedicate a special part of a review to accounts.

Each person who visits ArrowTeks website can see every trading condition for four different accounts. The selection is good and every account offers something unique. What surprised us the most is a fact that the minimum deposit is 250+ EUR. So, if you are a beginner, this Silver account would be perfect for you. For that amount of money, you will get a chance to trade with every asset on the list, the leverage is up to 1:100, and there are market reviews. If we have in mind this is the smallest account, the offer is not bad at all.

The next account is Gold and this one has a bit higher deposit requirement. If you want to be a Gold member, you have to deposit at least 10,000 EUR. Needless to say, this time you will have much better opportunities. The leverage up to 1:200, there are special venture promotions and monthly webinars, dedicated senior account manager, risk management planning, bonus funds and many other things that can be beneficial for your trading.

If you are an experienced trader, or you simply want to skip the beginners’ account and move on to bigger investments, Platinum is a perfect choice. Also, this is our favourite option because it gives you so many possibilities. For example, you will get trading signals, weekly webinars, private analyst sessions, and leverage up to 1:300 as an addition to all those things we mentioned previously. This time, you have to deposit 50,000 EUR or more.

If you have one of those accounts, there is an option to upgrade them to VIP. This is an Invitation-Only account, which means you have to make a request and wait for them to approve it. As a VIP member, you have access to all lucrative events and webinars, the leverage this time is 1:400 and the best thing of all, withdrawals are instant. In other words, you will have every single benefit this broker has to offer.

Our thoughts about account types are great. ArrowTeks made sure to provide accounts for every level of experience, so you won’t have to worry if you are making first Forex steps. Someone will guide you through the whole experience.


Withdrawal and deposit methods at ArrowTeks

This broker offers three different funding methods. You can choose a Credit Card and the best thing about it is that you are not obliged to use just one. Instead, you can make a deposit from different accounts, but there are some limitations, just to secure the safety of the funds. If you decide to use multiple cards, upon withdrawal you will receive equal amounts of money on each card. In case of any additional profits or bonus funds, ArrowTeks will transfer it to your account using Bank Wire. This is an excellent option and aside from that, you can use Bitcoins and Wire Transfer.

When it comes to transaction speed, deposits are instant but you will have to wait for a little bit when you make a withdrawal request. The first step is Identity Verification and you have to provide them with specific documents, just to prove it’s really you behind the account. Keep in mind that this is a necessary step that ensures safety and you cannot speed up the whole process.

Once you send documents, the process lasts from seven to ten business days, depending on the account. With the Silver one, you will wait for the longest, while other accounts have prioritised withdrawal levels.

One last thing we need to mention is that ArrowTeks doesn’t charge deposit fees, and the withdrawal fee is so small (just 1 percent) that we were completely surprised. So, with this broker, you won’t spend money on additional commissions.


Does ArrowTeks offer any educational material?

Well, do we even have to tell how high expectations we have for this part? This broker is founded by veterans and we expect them to share the knowledge they have. Of course, each account has different levels of education and that’s completely fine. But one excellent thing here is that every website visitor can go to the Education Center and choose between eBooks, Asset Index, Frequently Asked Questions, and Glossary. Everything that is offered here is completely free.

If you choose the eBook part, you will be able to enjoy different articles about basic technical analysis books and beginner strategies, but you can also find things about advanced strategies, trading markets and global Forex definitions.

Overall, if the free educational material is this good, we can only imagine what they offer to registered users. So, this broker has a huge plus for an excellent education center.


Is the ArrowTeks support team helpful?

As expected, there is a separate part of the website dedicated to customer support. It’s up to you to choose one of the four methods to contact them. There is a fill-in form, email, phone lines and Live Chat. From our experience, they will respond in a very short period of time, no matter the method.

The fill-in form caught our attention and we decided to send a message there. It has different sectors, depending on the inquiry, so you can choose the department you need. We used Customer Support Service, sent a message and a reply came within an hour. The customer representative was very helpful, all of our questions were answered and they provided us with complete instructions. Our experience was nothing but positive and it’s nice to see that someone really takes care of its clients.


Shall I trade with ArrowTeks?

If you want to learn new things, trade with excellent conditions and use a unique platform, then yes. You shall trade with ArrowTeks. This broker has a lot to offer and we can recommend it without any hesitation.