Aussietrust Broker Review 2021

Aussietrust Broker Review 2021

After spending a considerable amount of time in this industry, we are just now noticing a new wave of innovation in this trading business. In the past two years, many new brokerages have opened up as a result of higher demand. This was mostly attributed to the pandemic and its side-effects. As many people started looking for alternative means of generating income. Aussietrust was one of many who tried to capture trader attention in this turbulent year. The big question was, could a newly-established brokerage compete on the same level as competition with decades of experience. We started trading with little to no expectations but were surprised by our experience in the end. Read the rest of our Aussietrust review to find out what we discovered.

If their “About Us” page is to be believed, Aussietrust was founded by industry veterans who brought all their expertise to deliver something that was built by trader for traders. As corny as that phrase sounds, it makes sense in this scenario. The first thing we need to address is the overall design. As the old saying goes, you only have one attempt to make a great first impression, and Aussietrust delivers on this end. At no point do you receive lavish promises, but only a true representation of what you get. The entire focus is placed on the features, and not some wild far-fetched possibilities. This is very refreshing in the online trading industry, especially from such a newbie.


Tradeable Assets at Aussietrust

In this section of our Aussietrust review, we need to address a very controversial topic. Instead of going down the path most brokerages do when it comes to platform choice, Aussietrust decided to go in a totally different direction. You will not find the likes of Meta Trader here, but a completely new platform that was built from the ground up. Some experienced traders might dislike this direction at first, honestly, we were taken back as well. But after extensive testing, we have found it to be refreshingly well designed and effective.

This web-based platform foregoes some advanced analysis tools in order to achieve stability, speed and safety. These three “S” s have proven to be of great value during everyday trading. You are no longer slowed down and have to experience a delay when executing orders. Everything is performed instantly, which is of huge importance in such a quick-paced industry. In addition, the platform design is very intuitive so that everyone can easily navigate it regardless of their trading level.

There is a huge list of tradable assets. We will not list them all here but rest assured that you can easily locate what you need because assets are divided into several categories thus making search and overall browsing a breeze. These categories include Indices, Stocks, Forex, Crypto and Commodities. There is a helpful search option on top that makes it easy to quickly locate the exact asset you need. You can read more about the trading platform in the next section of our Aussietrust review.

Aussietrust Trading Platform Features

Innovations are rarely seen in this industry. Ever since the entire trading industry went online, it has pretty much been stagnant. While not rocking the boat completely, Aussietrust tries to add their own flavour to the well-established formula. For years, platforms like Meta Trader have been almost the unanimous choice for many traders. Despite its popularity, it is now without its faults. Founders of Aussietrust tried to build a new platform that is inspired by MT4 and MT5, but that addresses and solves many of the issues that have been plaguing the industry for years.


Speed, safety and reliability are the main drivers of Aussietrust’s vision. The surprising thing is that this web-based platform sacrifices so little to achieve this much. Such upgraders in speed and overall performance are more than noticeable. Seeing what Aussietrust has managed to create makes it difficult to even think about switching to any other trading solution.

The platform itself is very user-friendly, thus making navigation a breeze. The majority of the screen is reserved for the real-time performance monitor. Once you highlight your preferred asset, you can inspect its past and presence performance on an interactable window. Here you have the option to create, test and execute any trading strategy you can come up with. There are not as many tools available as with competitive platforms, but the essentials are here. You would have to be a hardcore analyst in order to feel like you are really missing out on something. If you are a beginner to intermediate trader, you have nothing to worry about.

Account Types Offered at Aussietrust

Aussietrust has created several account types to accommodate every type of trader out there. Unfortunately, There is no Demo account for those who wish to test the platform before coming fully. The entry point is set at a very modest €250, so you can still experience everything Aussietrust has to offer at a reasonable price. There are three more account tiers, each with an increasing number of perks. You are only limited by your own ambition and budget. Below you can find a detailed breakdown of each account type and all the associated benefits.

  • Silver

This will probably be the introduction level for many people. For just €250, you gain access to the complete trading platform and all of its features and assets. To help you make better-informed decisions, you are eligible to receive daily market reviews, and your starting leverage is up to 100.

  • Gold

One step above is the Gold account. There is a big jump both in the minimum deposit (€10,000) and the number of perks. You are granted bonus funds, increased leverage and spreads, and monthly webinars to help you get a better understanding of the markets and its trends.

  • Platinum

The platinum account offers many perks that are valuable to experienced traders. You gain financial and risk management planning, a dedicated senior account manager, special venture promotions and trading signals. €50,000 may sound like a big amount to ask for, but we feel the price is more than justified when you realise how much you get for it.

  • VIP

The VIP tier seems to be invitational only. There are no indications of what the requirements are or whether they are tied to the deposit amount or not. The only thing that we do know is the included list of benefits, and it is a long one. In addition to everything else mentioned before, you also receive complete access to trade room analysis, lucrative VIP events, private analyst sessions, prioritized withdrawal process and much more.

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods at Aussietrust

If you have ever traded before, you will know what you are getting into. Aussietrust supports all mainstream payment methods. You can make deposits and withdrawals with credit cards, bank wire transfers, or via Bitcoin if you already have an e-wallet. In practice, the latter is the most efficient due to its instant nature. When using any bank-related payment method, be sure to check with your provider beforehand to check how long these transactions can take. Some banks have certain policies that can prolong this process, so be sure to get informed in time.


Is Aussietrust Team Helpful?

Aussietrust has invested a lot in their customer support. This will become apparent the moment you contact one of their representatives. The good thing, there are numerous available channels, so that you can choose by your own preference. Live chat is probably the feature we like the most. We expected it to be run by a bot who will just direct you to the F.A.Q. page, but to our surprise, we were met by an actual person who proved to be extremely efficient in handling anything we threw his way.

If you prefer some more traditional methods, you can always contact Aussietrust representatives via telephone or email. There are three call centres, in Australia, the United Kingdom and Sweden and all of them proved to be equally polite and professional, so make your choice based on where you live. Email solution works as well, just be mindful of the operating hours when expectation your reply.


Shall I Trade with Aussietrust?

At the end of our Aussietrust review, we have to emphasise how pleased we were with our overall trading experience. The innovation they bring to the online trading industry is worth mentioning. As more and more traders get to experience their offer first-hand, we have no doubt that they will grow to become one of the most popular traders in 2021 and beyond. With an excellent trading platform, low fees, excellent customer support and overall safety, Aussietrust represents as close to a perfect package as there is. Once they expand and introduce multi-lingual support, they will be hard to beat on any level.  Regardless of whether you are a novice trader or a seasoned professional, we can full-heartedly recommend this brokerage to traders of all levels.