Carter Williams Forex Broker Review 2021

Carter Williams Forex Broker Review 2021

Despite only coming up on the market recently, Carter Williams was able to catch our eyes almost right away. There are not a lot of companies that are able to do so, especially in this kind of hectic climate. However, Carter Williams has definitely drawn our attention by having a unique approach to the market when it comes to inclusivity and being a welcoming place for all clients, especially the ones who are just starting out. Back when the forms of investing and trading first started to take over the financial world, these activities were mostly reserved for the wealthy. However, things have changed since (thankfully!), and people on the market have started to realize that inclusivity is so much better choice. More and more companies like Carter Williams have started to emerge, making the entire market landscape richer, bigger, and more successful.

Even though this company is a newcomer, it was actually established by people who know a lot about trading. That is a winning combination since you get both experience and innovations all rolled into one sweet package. This is quite important and relevant to keep in mind when searching for a trading company of your dreams. You need to have a little bit of both – tradition and innovation. This is the only way to take on the market and not worry about how you will able to catch up with the evolving environment that we are all finding ourselves in today’s market climate. From what we’ve seen so far, it is quite clear that Carter Williams does not mess around and is here to stay. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this Carter Williams review to see if that will still be the case in the future.

Tradeable Assets at Carter Williams

The asset selection at this company is quite admirable and diverse. There is something for everyone, no matter if you are a traditional trader that relies on stocks and currency pairs, or you would rather try something new and not so well-known yet, such as cryptocurrencies. Either way, there are a lot of choices here, even if you want to try something new that you haven’t dared ever before. The requirements for trading each one of these assets are quite satisfying, especially in terms of leverage and spreads. Overall, Carter Williams does a pretty good job when it comes to balancing the many risks on the market, and your best chances for acquiring profits in these kinds of conditions.


These assets are easy to find and watch performing live on the market through the platform. All of the statistics and other data are regularly updated so there is no fear of missing out on anything. Also, you can visit the platform to follow up on your entire portfolio in terms of performance and the assessment of your previous positions and transactions. Overall, there is something for everyone to find here in terms of diversifying both your portfolio and your trading skills.

Carter Williams Trading Platform Features

When we talk specifically about the trading platform at Carter Williams, there are several things to cover here. First, we should note that the platform is fully optimized for all devices and operating systems, so you won’t have to rush and find the nearest desktop computer when you want to check out the market performance! Your phone or tablet will provide the exact same experience. Still, there are quite a lot of things to cover when we talk about a trading platform. Since, after all, this will be the place where you will be spending the majority of your time – it has to be perfect and suitable for your needs and what you want to achieve for yourself and your portfolio. The overall look and the appeal of the platform are quite good. You can easily find what you are looking for. There is no clutter of unnecessary information or flashy ads promising you this bonus or that promotion. Everything is out in the open, and only you can decide how you will perform on the market and how much you will invest into your trading future.


Speaking of the platform itself, there are also many tools and useful tips that you can incorporate into your strategy to create a winning streak. And although nothing on the market is guaranteed, there are still some tools you can apply to diminish the risks that are inevitable. From technical analysis to different market strategies, there is a lot to uncover here while trading. The only thing that you have to do is find the most suitable option for your trading experience and portfolio. All in all, there aren’t any delays or mistakes when it comes to you using this trading platform, which is a huge relief, especially for traders who are just starting out and want to get a feel of the waters!

Account Types Offered at Carter Williams

When we talk about different account types at this company, there are quite a few packages that can help you satisfy your basic needs when it comes to your market performance and the overall look and image that you want to create for yourself on it. Namely, they vary depending on many features – from the ability to take your educational knowledge to the next level to accommodating your budgeting needs when it comes to minimum deposit requirements.

The basic account offers you things like access to the entire trading platform and all its assets, which amount to a little bit over 200. Then, as you progress to the higher levels of the account type structure, you will be able to dive deeper into the many additional materials that Carter Williams has prepared for all its clients. From educational material including webinars and economic calendar to things such as risk management and financial planning – you will be able to naturally progress through the trading game without even thinking twice about it.

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods at Carter Williams

If you wish to deposit and withdraw your money from your account, you can do so at any time. There are many methods to do so, and they are all safe for use and quite efficient. All deposits are processed immediately which is great, and they also don’t bear any extra fees or hidden commissions that you would find out only after you’ve already sent out the request. Then, the withdrawals are a bit different story, and we will soon explain why.


First, there is the bank wire transfer option, which takes around 3 days to process your transaction. The credit cards are similar with around 2 business days, while the e-wallets are able to do so in a matter of minutes. Either way, the Carter Williams team will need some more time to double-check things such as your identity and other key information to ensure your safety while trading – so, be patient!

Does Carter Williams Offer Any Educational Material?

The educational material selection at this company will not fail even the highest standards when it comes to your trading needs and assistance. First, there are several eBooks you can scroll through on any device to find new information or just revise the knowledge you already had. Also, the Glossary page is filled with useful terms and lingo that the traders generally use on the market every day. Lastly, the Asset Index page teaches you about the requirements for trading with each asset available on the trading platform.


Is the Carter Williams Team Helpful?

At Carter Williams, taking care of the customers and their relations is one of the key priorities. Suitable to this fact, the customer support team is friendly, knowledgeable, and available 24/7 through a variety of channels, from email and telephones to the live chat box at the bottom of the home page. Also, the waiting times are quite brief, and you are guaranteed to find your answers within 3 business days, tops. The team is eager to help and assist you with whatever you may need along the line. And if it happens that you are a hands-on person that wants to find answers on your own, you can do so by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions page that is regularly updated with new queries and issues you might encounter somewhere down the line.

Shall I Trade with Carter Williams?

Carter Williams is definitely a company to watch out for. They are only just starting out, but they seem to be on quite a bright path moving forward. The clients are guaranteed to have the biggest selection of choices and options when it comes to tradeable assets and payment methods, which means a lot – especially if you are just beginning your trading career. Either way, Carter Williams certainly has a lot to offer.