College For Trading Review 2021

College For Trading Review 2021

To create a perfect trading environment, you will need a lot of things. But one thing is for sure, education has to be your priority. In the Forex market, success won’t come by itself and you need to work for it, so the best way to make proper decisions is to find someone who will teach you everything and help you improve your skills, just like College For Trading.


Plans at College For Trading

If you decide to open an account at College For Trading, you will have an option to choose between four plans. You can choose according to your experience or trading appetite. Each plan has something specific and the thing that we have to mention first is an option to choose a free plan to familiarize yourself with those courses.

If you choose a free plan, you will have one introduction course, one eBook and one market research. This is more than enough to see if College For Trading suits you and if it does, you can choose between Bronze, Gold and VIP plans. The Bronze one provides five introduction courses, one in-depth course, four eBooks and three market research and it costs $250. With the Gold one, you will have seven introduction courses, four in-depth courses, eight eBooks and five market research and the price is $450.

Lastly, there is a VIP plan and this would be our personal favourite. For the price of $500, you will be able to enrol in five introduction courses, nine in-depth courses, eleven eBooks and six market research. It’s more than clear why we liked the VIP plan the most and we can say only one thing now, College For Trading knows how to make its clients satisfied, no matter the previous experience.


Courses Offered at College For Trading

Since every plan has different amounts of courses, it’s time to see what you can expect here. First of all, there are different segments and you can choose between introduction courses, in-depth courses, eBooks and market research.

Introduction courses are simple, yet very useful and you can learn all those things such as Trading Terms, Social Trading, ECN, etc. For beginners, this is a perfect start and it’s up to you to decide which one you want to enrol in.

When it comes to in-depth courses and eBooks, you will learn all about cryptocurrencies, trading strategies, capital management and many other things. As you can see, everything here is created by professionals and there is no doubt that you will be able to learn a lot.


Transaction Speed at College For Trading

This is not a part that should worry you since it works just as we taught it will. The whole payment process is easy — first, you have to choose a plan, then you need to open an account and pay the amount of that plan. As soon as you do that, you can start with courses.

So, there are no complications when it comes to this part and you don’t have to worry about waiting, everything will go smoothly.

Is College For Trading Support Team Helpful?

When it comes to websites like this, you won’t need constant support and that’s why we do not expect to see a support centre that works 24 hours. But, of course, we want to have someone who will help if there are any questions or issues.

At College For Trading, you can contact support using email, phone number or online form on the website. This is even more than we expected and needless to say, we sent a message to see if they are responsive enough.

This time we used an online form since it was the most convenient method for us at that moment. We didn’t need to leave the website and we sent the message in just a few steps. Apparently, this is a very user-friendly form and that’s the first plus from us.

An answer came the same day, which is another plus. We asked a few questions about those plans that are offered and they didn’t hesitate to answer every single question. We got in-depth instructions and in the end, we can just say that the College For Trading support team is more than helpful.


Shall I Join College For Trading?

We believe that the answer to this question is more than obvious. Yes, you should absolutely join College For Trading and try to learn as much as possible here, because the people who stand behind this website made sure to provide top-notch education. You will be able to learn a lot and improve your trading skills and all of us know how important that is in the Forex market.