Genius Investment Group Broker Review 2021

Genius Investment Group Broker Review 2021

Genius Investment Group is a Forex broker that provides industry-leading market data, personalized coaching and excellent support. At least, those are the claims that you can find on the website. That’s exactly why we are here, to see if those claims are true or not and to tell you if you should open an account and start trading here.

Tradable Assets at Genius Investment Group

Genius Investment Group will give you a good selection of tradable assets. You can choose from different classes and each of those classes has a very wide list. For example, there are more than ten crypto pairs, you can choose stocks from popular companies like Zoom, Visa, Tesla, etc. So, everything is covered.


Genius Investment Group Trading Platform Features

The platform provided at Genius Investment Group is a web-based one, which means you don’t have to download a single thing. Once you open an account, you can log into the platform on every device. The only necessary thing is the Internet connection.

After we spent some time on that platform, we can tell that it works without interruptions, it’s responsive and simple. There were no troubles, we opened everything instantly and switching between Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks and Indices went very smoothly. 


Account Types Offered at Genius Investment Group

Account type offer is one of the things that surprised us the most. This broker offers six accounts, for every level of experience. This is an amazing offer, and we were really surprised to see a selection like this. So, let’s go through all of them to see what makes them different.

The smallest account is Amateur with the minimum deposit requirement of $250, and you have over 200 tradable assets, market reviews, good leverage and a personal manager. For someone who is just starting with Forex trading, this is more than enough. The next account is Silver and the minimum deposit requirement is $5,000. Of course, it will provide you with more things and you will have three qualified signals per month and there are no maintenance fees.

The Gold account has a requirement of $10,000 and it gives you ten qualified signals per month, risk management team, artificial intelligence analysis and crypto arbitrage rate access. After the Gold one, there is a Marble account and you need to deposit $25,000 for this one. This time, there are 25 qualified signals, live trading sessions, no withdrawal fee and you can join the loyal program.

Lastly, we have Diamond and Platinum accounts. To become a Diamond member, you have to deposit $50,000 and for Platinum, that amount is $100,000. These two accounts will ensure you have credit eligibility, quarterly crypto exclusive report, the private educational session with a third party, executive crypto indicator, customised crypto package and quarterly executive business plan.

Basically, this broker provides accounts for every level of experience, so it’s up to you to make the decision and see which one you want to choose.

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods at Genius Investment Group

As a deposit method, you can use Credit Card, Bank Wire or Bitcoin transfer. No matter the chosen method, deposits are instant and the money will be in your account at the same moment. The best thing of all, there are no deposit fees.

Withdrawals do take some time because the first step is identity verification. That is a simple process and it won’t take a lot of your time, but it will help prevent fraud. So, we do not mind it at all. Each withdrawal lasts between seven to ten business days, depending on the method you choose and the account you have. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD/EUR/GBP and they charge a small withdrawal fee of 1%. This part fulfilled all our expectations, but there is something we have to add that surprised us a lot.

If you request a withdrawal but change your mind in the meantime, you can cancel that request by sending an email or calling the phone number. The money will be on your trading account and you won’t have to pay additional fees. Also, there is a Refund Policy that adds an additional level of security to each client.

If you deposit money, but you end up disappointed, you have some time to request a refund. Someone will check that request within 48 hours and if your explanation is proper, they will do a refund with just a small commission. Keep in mind that not many brokers are ready to provide something like that and that’s exactly why we prefer Genius Investment Group over many others.

Is the Genius Investment Group Team Helpful?

One of the mandatory things is proper customer support. This is something that many brokers forget and that’s exactly why we spend a lot of time inspecting every part of the broker’s support, to see if the team is really helpful or not. 

At Genius Investment Group support centre is located on the main menu and you can use one of the four different methods. There is an option to call them on the phone, send an email, use the Live Chat or fill the online form. It’s totally up to you which method you want to choose because they will respond immediately anyways (as long as you send the message within the working hours).

If you decide to go with an online form, you will have an option to send your message to four different departments. Depending on your inquiry, you can select Customer Support Service, Trading Platform Assistance, General Feedback and Complaint. This is an excellent thing to see because it tells us that your message will go straight to the right department and you will receive an answer sooner. When it comes to the phone number, the working hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 – 13:00 GMT, so you can call them in that period of the day.

The last option is Live Chat and this is the fastest method to receive a reply. Working hours are Monday to Friday 07:00-14:00 GMT and if you send a message then, you can count on the instant answer. We tested this method, to see if the support will be responsive and polite and the first thing that surprised us is the fact there are no chatbots. An agent will greet you and you can continue chatting with them. 

Our experience was nothing but positive, we found out everything that was necessary, which is great. So, Genius Investment Group exceeded all our expectations when it comes to this part.


Shall I Trade with Genius Investment Group?

Based on everything we saw today, we can only tell that you should open an account and start trading with Genius Investment Group. This is definitely not a scam broker, with so many options, learning materials and excellent support. With this broker you will be able to trade CFDs, Cryptos or Commodities and the best thing of all, trading conditions are excellent. That’s exactly why we could recommend this broker without any hesitations.