Infinity Capital Forex Broker Review 2021

Infinity Capital Forex Broker Review 2021

The online trading industry has become stagnant lately. It has been a long time since we really saw an innovation. However, last year will be long remembered as a year that shook the financial sector to the core. That environment was a perfect breeding ground for re-evaluating and re–establishing some core industry pillars. There was an increased demand for online trading with so many new traders In the marketplace. Many sought an alternative method of earning an additional income from the safety of their own homes, and online trading seemed like a great alternative.

Many big-name brokerages were not prepared for this influx and beginners tried to seek those brokerages who offered a much more user-friendly experience. Infinity Capital was one of many brokerages who benefited heavily from this new wave, and we wanted to discover whether there was something more to this. We were pleasantly surprised with our trading experience, and you will be able to read all about it in our Infinity Capital Review.

In the beginning, we were a bit sceptical when we visited their homepage for the first time. There is nothing spectacular about it. But the more we thought about it, the more we realised that was a good thing. Infinity Capital doesn’t try to lure in trader with huge promises like some other brokerages. Instead, they try to place emphasis on their features. We appreciate the honesty, but we would still prefer that a bit more thought went into the marketing.


Tradeable Assets at the Infinity Capital

Infinity Capital doesn’t hold back when it comes to available tradable instruments. Every trader gets access to more than 200 assets regardless of which account type they choose. Even though these types offer different perks, each of them has complete access to every asset. This means that traders can experience everything the platform has to offer for as little as €250. All assets are divided into several categories, thus making searching a breeze. On Infinity Capital, you can trade:

When you head to the trading platform, you can get a good overview of these categories. There is a search option on top so that you can easily locate a specific asset. If you simply wish to browse, you can easily do so. Each instrument has a preview screen that holds valuable information. Here you can find out the buy and sell price, as well as the overall performance since the last session. The thing we like the most is the responsiveness of the platform. You can switch between assets easily without any lag. This is always appreciated in industries that move as quickly as this one.


Infinity Capital Trading Platform Features

Like we previously mentioned, Infinity Capital offers a brilliant platform experience. This is thanks to a somewhat unorthodox choice. Instead of choosing some industry standard solutions such as Meta Trader, Infinity Capital has decided to build their own trading platform from the ground up. As a result, we now have their web-based solution that will split the trading community. One group will complain about the absence of some advanced features that mean a lot for veteran traders who create their own custom trading strategies. On the other hand, many newcomers will welcome this approach. Accessibility is one of the key features of this platform. Also, it is much more user-friendly than other solutions we have seen. This way, beginners will not have a hard time exploring and executing their trade orders. 

By making the entire thing pretty lightweight, the overall performance takes a huge boost. Every order you place is executed pretty much instantly which is a huge plus in this industry. Even the real-time performance monitor functions without a hitch, no matter how many extra features you throw its way. Basically you will be spending most of your trading time here, so it is fantastic that everything runs this smoothly. In order to achieve this performance, certain compromises were necessary. Like we already mentioned, platforms like Meta Trader have much more tools for a deeper trend analysis and prediction. Don’t get us wrong, Infinity Capital is not bare-boned, it does have all the essentials you need. You can still play around with the Elliott 3 line, Fibonacci and several price indicators.

Deciding whether Infinity Capital trading platform is good enough for you will ultimately be your choice. It will come down to whether you can perform the most advanced analyses. If you are not looking to dive this deep, then this platform will satisfy all your need and will arguably do a better job than most competitors thanks to its superior performance. If you simply wish to test the platform, you can do so for a price of $250. Sadly there is no Demo account available.


Account Types Offered at the Infinity Capital

Instead of offering a demo account, Infinity Capital lowers the asking price for its lowest account tier. It is debatable whether this is a good move, especially because we already noted how excellent their platform really is. We would have loved to see it be available on a demo account so that more people can test it for themselves. But seeing how Infinity Capital is a newer brokerage, we can sort of understand why they needed the financial boost. In addition to the basic account, there are three additional tiers, each with their own level of perks. Below you will find the detailed breakdown, including all the pros and cons of each account type:

  • Basic (€250+)

This will serve as an entry point for many. You are given access to all the tradable assets and tools from the get-go. Leverage is nothing spectacular, but at up to 100, you get a decent deal. You also get daily market reviews to keep you up to date with all the market events.

  • Silver (€10,000+)

Silver is one tier above basic and is meant for those traders who want to trade more seriously. You still retain the same assets, but gain a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, increased spreads and leverage and monthly webinars. These tools are there to passively help you have a better trading experience.

  • Gold (€25,000+)

Gold account type requires a significant deposit. Only the truly dedicated traders might want to look into this. Trading signals, Trade room analysis, financial and risk management planning play a huge role in persuading traders to choose this tier. All these perks play a much more active role and require true dedication in order to make the most out of them.

  • Platinum (€100,000+)

If you are willing to fork out 100,000 or more, you become eligible for the Platinum account. In addition to everything previously mentioned, you also receive private analyst sessions, prioritized withdrawal process and complete access to all educational content. The best Infinity Capital has to offer is probably the best offer when compared to its competitors, but only a small portion of the trading community will get to experience this.


Withdrawal and Deposit Methods at the Infinity Capital

If you have ever traded online, you know what you are getting into. All the mainstream payment methods are supported. But be aware, that you might have a different experience when it comes to withdrawals depending on what choice you make. If you already have an eWallet, our advice is to stick to Bitcoin transfer. Speed of transactions is unrivalled, and you can pretty much instantly move your funds to and from your account. However, if you decide to use some bank-related payment method, you could experience some longer waiting times. Credit cards and wire transfers could prove to be problematic, but this is entirely up to your bank and its policies. We always advise checking up beforehand to save yourself headaches in the long run. In any case, Infinity Capital provides a safe environment, so that your funds are secure at all times.

Is the Infinity Capital Team Helpful?

Infinity Capital has a great support system. They offer several communication channels that are run by polite and professional representatives. At the moment of writing, you can reach them In English or German but we were told that multi-language support is coming in the future. Just be aware that those two are your only options for now.

You can either talk to them directly or chat via email of Live Chat feature. Working times are Monday to Friday 09:00 – 13:00 GMT for phone representatives, and Monday to Friday 09:00 – 14:00 for Chat operators. All of them will provide a quick and helpful feedback, so it all boils down to your own preference.


Shall I Trade with the Infinity Capital?

Despite being a newer brokerage, Infinity Capital has a compelling offer for beginners and experienced traders alike. Strong support and educational system work excellent with a new trading platform to create an excellent trading experience. If their representatives are to be believed, support in several different languages is coming soon, thus making it even more appealing for people outside the English speaking territories. Low entry barrier will surely make this brokerages one of the more attractive in 2021.