Is Bitworms a Scam?

Is Bitworms a Scam?


Bitworms is getting a lot of traction on the trading market these days. So, we wanted to check it out and see exactly what this company is all about. The company website claims that it has over a few thousands satisfied clients. That’s why we decided to check out exactly what makes this company pop and garner such a solid reputation over just a few months since it was first established. We were not surprised to also learn that the company relies on the latest and most advanced cutting-edge technology. This has become an industry standard in recent years.

This company was created by the industry veterans who wanted to share their knowledge and help create a new generation of winners in the trading world – which is not something to be done lightly. Namely, there are so many things to learn and take into consideration today, especially with so many innovative things and trading strategies that you can acquire during each trading day. So, let’s dive a bit deeper into this Bitworms review to learn all the bits about this brand, as well as how does it manage to be so attractive to potential clients.


Bitworms is dedicated to helping you become the best possible trader you can be in today’s day and age. And how exactly does its team do that? Creating a solid range of courses is a great way to begin, and we will tell you how. Namely, when you check out the course selection at any company, you can learn a lot about its dedication to your success and trading stability in the future. For example, each trader wants to achieve something bold and different. So, it is only natural that they will probably need to sign up for different accounts, right? keeps that in mind, which is why they have created a total of four courses to satisfy even the toughest demands on their clients. The first one that we came across is called the Starter account, and it is perfectly designed for traders who are just beginning to find their way around the market. It allows them full access to the learning platform, which we will talk about in the following chapters. For now, you should know that this account is pretty easy to acquire. You will only need to deposit $250 to get started.

Then, the rest of the accounts go deeper into the knowledge and the benefits that trading on the market has to offer. From the Advanced and Pro to the Platinum account, there is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it. And if it happens that you want to switch and progress even faster, you can always do so by depositing more money into your account. For now, let’s just say that each one of these courses brings something special and unique to the table – how many of today’s trading academies are able to say that?


With resources, we dive even deeper into what this company is all about and how it does its thing. Namely, the educational section at Bitworms is rich and filled with different materials and tools that can help even the most basic traders learn their way around the trading platform and its different features. Not only that – these educational resources are also aimed at keeping you on your toes and updated with the latest that the trading market has to offer, so you never miss a chance of learning something new and improving your trading strategy.

As for these educational materials, you can find them in different forms throughout the entire Bitworms website. Namely, there are several eBooks that you can find here free of charge. They are divided into different lessons and chapters, and each one of them will take you further towards your trading goal, whatever that may be. You can download them and read them wherever you are and on any device, which is a great perk to have.

Then, we should also mention the Market News section, which contains all the latest terms and trading news that are used daily on the market for insights. With this knowledge, you will be able to use the trading lingo as you please and keep up with everything that is going on in the market!


Now, let’s get to the real deal. The learning platform at Bitworms is one of the most advanced and appealing ones we have ever seen. From different learning tools that are at your disposal to a wide selection of lessons, the company’s team really thought of everything when setting up the platform. When you first log in, you will be astonished to learn how easy it is to actually use the platform, and customize it precisely to fit your needs.

These courses are specifically tailored to suit different backgrounds, education levels and interests that the clients have. This way, Bitworms is able to satisfy a wide range of needs when it comes to learning and achieving goals in the trading market. This way, Forex trading with is made easier than ever.


When you find yourself stuck or not knowing where to go or what to do next on the market, it is good to have someone to rely on. Someone with more experience and knowledge with these kinds of obstacles can be a person of trust or someone who is able to help you with this sort of thing. This is why Bitworms has established a team of agents who are always available to you in the form of customer support.

There are many ways to reach out to them and contact the available agent. They are quite friendly and fast on their toes, which is crucial during a hectic trading streak. So, the first channel you can use to reach out is the live chat option, which is also the fastest. The email option takes a bit longer to reply, but it is also very effective. Lastly, the telephone number is also available, but only for certain countries – so check out to make sure you are on the list to use it!


The funding methods at Bitworms include several options – whichever is the best fit for your needs. For starters, there are several credit and debit cards you can use to make a deposit or a withdrawal. Also, keep in mind that they are able to process your request quite efficiently. Then, there is also the bank wire transfer. This takes a bit longer, since it is a traditional banking method, but quite a popular one.


What’s left? We covered everything there is about this company. So, we can gladly say that we were pleasantly surprised by everything we’ve learned. We can safely say that this brand has a lot to offer to different types of traders. This is not something that a lot of trading academies are able to do today.