London Gates Forex Broker Review 2021

London Gates Forex Broker Review 2021

A lot of unexpected things went down this year, and all of it caused turmoil in the global financial markets. With the unstoppable spread of COVID-19, even the most successful and profitable assets found themselves in uncharted territory. However, it may be surprising to you that this year was quite successful and beneficial for traders. Of course, we do not say this lightly – it took a lot of effort, innovations, new headspaces and unity to bring the trading market to the next level and keep it afloat.

The market participants did more than a good job at it. With the utmost need to adjust to the new normal on the financial markets, they took what they had and turned the situation around. As a result, clients across the globe were able to keep their finances solid and thriving even in these times of particular hardships. One of the most important leaders of the market in these times were different trading companies. These brands were able to adjust their previous requirements and operations to fit the new situation on the trading market, which is not something to disregard. While many others chose to fend for themselves, companies such as London Gates were able to keep their clients safe and profiting during the entire global coronavirus pandemic. In this London Gates review, we will show you exactly how they did it.

Tradeable Assets at London Gates

To become a successful trader, the most important thing you need to do is keep your portfolio diverse. This is the safest way to avoid risks, although they are pretty common in today’s trading world. However, when you include different assets in your trading strategy, they serve as a safety net to one another. For example, if a particular stock of your choosing is not doing very well, you might be surprised to see as to how the other commodity in your portfolio could make up for it.


At the London Gates trading platform, you will find over 200 different assets. They are divided into categories such as stocks, currency pairs, indices and cryptocurrencies. It is quite simple to find your way around, so you won’t have to struggle, especially if you are a first time trader.

Another great thing about the London Gates asset selection is the fact that the trading platform is your best friend. It shows you everything you need to know about each asset of your choosing, as well as makes sure you are updated and well acquainted with the previous market performance, too. After all, we are nothing without our history and past experiences, isn’t that true? This way, the trading platform is able to satisfy both the needs of the trading pros as well as first-time visitors who are still on the hunt for the perfect broker company.

London Gates Trading Platform Features

Now, let’s really focus on the London Gates trading platform and its many abilities. In trading, like in everything else in life, things seem to work out for the best when you do your own thing and find what works best for you. The same goes for the broker companies – they are shining brightest when they are having their own design and trading platform solution – and London Gates team seems to agree.


Namely, the trading platform that you can see above is not tied to a big named software which often gives more restrictions that abilities. Namely, London Gates has developed its own proprietary platform, which is suitable first and foremost for its clients. First, the trade execution is impeccable, with no waiting times or additional requirements that will keep you away from your trading goals. Also, the platform is stable, which means it is loading perfectly and allows you full access to the entire market and its many benefits and perks.

All the trading info about your latest assets up for trading are available a few clicks away. The most important trading platform feature that we would like to point out is definitely the chart attached to each one of the assets. Here, you can see how the asset was performing since it first entered the market. All the highs and lows are displayed before you so you can be sure that you won’t miss out on anything important.

Instead, you are presented with all the relevant information so you can make your own trading decision. Whether you win or lose, it will provide you with a great amount of comfort to know that you did your best. And the majority of that is attached to the trading platform that is in front of you.

Account Types Offered at London Gates

London Gates team knows how to appeal to their clients. And the most effective way to do that is by making all of them feel welcomed and appreciated, no matter where they are coming from. This is particularly evident by the rich and detailed account types selection, which you can find on the website. They are designed specifically to appeal to different trading tendencies, budgets, educational backgrounds, you name it. At London Gates, it seems that they cherish your differences, instead of trying to produce a single uniformed trader type to fit them all. Let’s check out your options!

The first account type that we’ve encountered is called Self Managed account. This account type is perfect for the first-time traders, who wish to dip their toes in the exciting trading pool. With this account, you will make your very first traders, which is really exciting when you think about it! The account type is available with a small $250 deposit, which will also give you full access to the entire trading platform and its many features we listed above.

Then, the Select account type is unlike anything else we’ve seen so far. It is suitable for traders who feel they are ready to take their trading journey on the next level. This includes a lot more perks and benefits such as your own account manager, different bonuses and better spreads. Also, this account type is a lot more giving in terms of educational material that is at your disposal, which is great.

The Personal account type does exactly what the name says – it takes you further than you’ve ever imagined. Most importantly, it is specifically designed to suit your personal trading needs and goals, no matter how big or distant they may seem.

Then, the Honors account type offers by far the best spreads we’ve ever seen with 0.0 pips. The leverage is outstanding, and you will also have access to detailed trading analysis, signals, risk management planning and other crucial tools for your trading access.

Lastly, the Wealth Management account type is the best and the most advanced account package you can trade with at London Gates. This account is different since it is not only focused on your trading success but also your long-lasting reputation on the trading market. It helps you retain stability in trading while helping you go passed your limits and comfort zone to achieve greatness.

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods at London Gates

The payment methods selection at London Gates is standard, though their processing times may be different. Namely, all the deposits are processed instantly, no matter the amount. However, the main difference here is evident with withdrawals. The bank wire transfer option usually takes the longest, while credit and debit cards are much faster and efficient. Also, the absolute winner in this area is always an e-wallet, which processes all your transactions instantly.


Does London Gates Offer Any Educational Material?

It goes without saying that a successful trading company needs to offer a variety of educational assets and tools for its traders in order to be successful. London Gates’ team is well aware of it, which is why they ensured to include various lessons in different forms. From video tutorials and eBooks to expert analysis and the asset index, you are certain to make your trading dreams a reality.

Is the London Gates Support Team Helpful?

The customer support team at this company is not only friendly and knowledgeable but also easy to reach. These are the most important features of any customer support team. You can find them anytime on their live chat, which connects you with an agent instantly. Then, there is also the telephone option, which takes a bit longer to get back to you. Lastly, the e-mail option is suitable as well, since they are able to respond in just over 2 business days.


Shall I Trade with London Gates?

The answer to this question imposes itself. After everything we’ve seen, we can safely and wholeheartedly recommend this trading company for you and your portfolio. No matter what you wish to achieve in your trading journey, London Gates will take you there.