Man Capital Group Broker Review 2021

Man Capital Group Broker Review 2021

Choosing a Forex broker is never an easy task. Brokers play a vital role in your trading journey and if you make a mistake, it will cost you a lot of money and time. That’s exactly why you should read everything about a specific broker before you even consider opening an account.

Today, we will tell you all about one popular broker that has a lot of things to offer. For us, Man Capital Group is not a new name. We have known about it for a long time since there are so many satisfied clients who shared their positive experience. We waited for a long time, but finally, the time has come, and we can tell you everything about it.

So, let’s not spend any more time and go straight to this Man Capital Group review. It’s time to see if this broker managed to create a client-oriented business, with excellent trading conditions and even better customer support.

Tradable Assets at Man Capital Group

One of the best feelings is to start a review on a positive note and see from the beginning that the broker takes good care of its clients. That’s exactly what happened here. We opened the trading platform page, just to see if the list of tradable assets is good enough.

Well, it’s not good. It’s excellent! There are over 200 tradable assets, from different classes. All of them are divided into categories and you can find CFDs on Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices or Cryptocurrencies. And the best thing of all, you can choose the asset you want no matter the account type. Even if you decide to open the smallest one, you will have access to the full selection.


Man Capital Group Trading Platform Features

Man Capital Group offers a web-based platform, which means there is no need to spend time on downloads. For us, this is an excellent option, since it’s innovative and new. Honestly, we need a little break from MetaTrader and Man Capital Group managed to provide us with that.

The first and most important thing — you can use it on every device. We used both the mobile and computer version and it worked perfectly fine at any time. The second important thing is responsiveness. This platform won’t give you hard times, since it works flawlessly. There are no errors or interruptions and you can trade with peace of mind.

Now it’s time to talk about features. It contains a combination of features that are designed and arranged great. Once you go to the Trading Platform page, you won’t have to leave it because everything is there, from deposits and withdrawals to customer support.

When it comes to tradable assets, all of them are in the middle part of the platform. You can choose a specific class or arrange them according to daily change or popularity. The platform is fully customisable and you can change it according to your preferences.

The last part of the platform is the chart. First, you will have to choose an asset and a chart will appear. This is the part that gained the most of our attention since you can change every single detail. We spent even more time than usual arranging everything and it was great. So, the only thing we can say about the Man Capital Group trading platform is that it has every feature a trader could possibly need and the best thing of all, it works without a single flaw. It’s a ten out of ten from us!

Account Types Offered at Man Capital Group

With this broker, you will be able to choose between six different accounts. This is an excellent selection and the first account has a deposit requirement of just 250 EUR, which is one of the smallest requirements we have ever seen. Especially if we consider the fact that you can trade with every asset that is offered. In most cases you won’t even receive education with the smallest account, so we were more than excited to see that Man Capital Group offers all of that in the Self-Managed one.

The next account is Basic and this time you have to deposit at least 5,000 EUR. Aside from all those things we mentioned before, you will get a dedicated account manager, trading bonus, basic spreads, leverage up to 1:200 and trade room tier 3.

Gold and Platinum accounts will give you much better opportunities, but you will have to deposit 10,000 EUR (for Gold) or 25,000 EUR (for Platinum). Our personal favourite is the Platinum account since it offers so many things that aren’t usually included such as complete access to the trade room, trading signals, leverage up to 1:300, etc.

Lastly, there are Diamond and VIP accounts, and those are the highest ones on the offer. If you want to have a Diamond account, you need to deposit 50,000 EUR, but you will have a Bitcoin package, invitation to VIP events and many other things that are not included in smaller accounts. If, on the other hand, you want to become a VIP member, you can do that by contacting your account manager. Each of these accounts can be upgraded to VIP, so it’s up to you to see if that suits you or not.

Overall, we are satisfied with everything we saw. The selection is good and the best thing of all, all those accounts have great conditions. So, no matter which one you choose, you will have everything necessary for good trading.


Withdrawal and Deposit Methods at Man Capital Group

As a funding method, you can use a Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Master, Maestro) or Wire Transfer. This is what we expected to see, since those are the most common funding methods in the Forex market. As soon as you deposit and prove your identity, money will be on your account. Of course, withdrawals do take a bit more and that depends on the account type you choose because each account has a different prioritization level.

Is the Man Capital Group Team Helpful?

One of the most important parts of every business is customer support, especially in the Forex market. Even if everything works without any interruption, you need to have someone who will be there for you always. That’s exactly why we want to see multiple contact methods and responsive customer support agents.

Here, you can choose between Live Chat, online form, email or phone number. Basically, every method is available and it’s only up to you to choose one. As usual, we decided to go with the Live Chat, since that’s the fastest way to receive a reply.

As soon as we sent our question, we received a welcome message. After that, an agent responded to us and gave us all the instructions we needed. He was polite and well-educated, and we found out everything we wanted. So, one thing is for sure, you can always count on support at Man Capital Group.


Shall I Trade with Man Capital Group?

If your goal is to find a good broker that can offer you constant support and proper trading conditions, you are at the right place. Man Capital Group takes this business very seriously and we can clearly understand why people love to be its clients. So, if you were wondering whether you should open an account at Man Capital Group, our final answer is yes! We are certain that you won’t have any regrets if you do so.