Rosewood Trust Forex Broker Review 2021

Rosewood Trust Forex Broker Review 2021

Being established back in 1986, Rosewood Trust is considered one of the longest-lasting broker companies in the world. The company was created in the United Kingdom, which is the single most strict and reputable area of the globe when it comes to providing trading services. Simply, there aren’t a lot of trading companies in this part of the world that are able to satisfy the harsh and tough regulatory and industry demands.

Moreover, since the company has been present for over 3 decades, it means that it was present for a lot of changes and innovations being introduced. That means that Rosewood Trust has some sort of an upper hand compared to the other brands and companies. Simply, their team had a lot more time to adjust, learn and experience new things in trading, and also transfer them to their clients and make them a unique part of their trading experience. In this Rosewood Trust review, we will show you how this company was able to persist in the difficult trading environment for so long. What is their secret? Keep reading to find out!

Tradeable Assets at Rosewood Trust

This company has had some time to adjust to the industry demands and find what works for it the most. As a result, the creators decided to introduce a platform that is equal parts traditional and advanced, creating a suitable package for a wide variety of clients. This is evident in the company’s asset selection. It contains everything you would want from an established broker company – CFDs, stocks, Forex, commodities and even cryptocurrencies. When it comes to these assets, there is a unique trading strategy which you can apply to each one of them, depending on what you wish to achieve, of course. Since, after all, achieving a profit is a simple form of a challenge that you can create for yourself. Do you want to open a long position or a short one? Is your goal to get rich fast, or would you rather take your time and pile up the money for a safe and beneficial future? You decide. But whichever decision you make in this area, it will eventually reflect on your portfolio.


For example, CFDs are the next big thing on the trading market, and people are starting to take full advantage of them. Namely, they are a lot safer to trade since you are not actually owning the underlying asset – you are just speculating on its price and where will it go next. Then, the currency pairs trading on the Forex market has its own charms. This market is the most liquid one on the globe, so the payout is close to certainty. Then, the commodities, too, have their charms. For example, gold is considered a safe-haven asset, since it always remains stable in times of hardship. Whichever one of these assets you choose, Rosewood Trust will provide the best possible market conditions to trade them.

Rosewood Trust Trading Platform Features

Is the Rosewood Trust platform safe to use and trade with? This question has been on everyone’s minds lately, and for a good reason. With the proliferation of cybercrime and cyber terrorism in the latest years, people are concerned with what they put out in the online world for everyone to see. This is especially important in trading – since there is a lot of money at stake. Not to mention that the simple data such as your name and home address can be misused in ways that you can’t even imagine.

The Rosewood Trust team has made sure that you are safe at all times during trading precisely for that reason. First, the trading platform is wrapped in several firewalls and the SSL encryption, which is everyone favourite high-tech solution in recent years. It implies that your data and funds are safe for the entire duration of your trading experience, no matter who you are or where you are coming from. In addition, have you noticed how the Rosewood Trust account creation process is a bit long and detailed? This may seem like a hassle at first, but it is actually all for your own good. Namely, these types of additional security include that you add different details about yourself such as proofs of identity and more. This way, the Rosewood Trust team will be able to verify your identity and make sure that your trading journey goes as smoothly as possible.


Account Types Offered at Rosewood Trust 

Speaking of accounts that you can sign up for at this company, they are versatile and include different benefits for you, regardless of which one you choose first. And if it happens that you want to switch between them, of course, you can do so! You simply need to put more funds into your account to fulfil the account requirement, and the rest is up to you.

Since Rosewood Trust is a trading company that is basing its operations on managing your wealth as well, you will notice that these account types are constructed a bit differently than you are probably used to. For starters, they are designed specifically to suit not only different trading backgrounds and experiences but also ages, locations and other features that you might not have been used to in the past.


The first one that you can sign up for is called the Savings account. This account comes with a $250 deposit requirement, and it offers you features such as leverage of up to 1:100 and highly competitive spreads. More importantly, as the name would suggest – this account type is aimed at clients who wish to save their money for the future rather than keep investing it.

Next, we have the Passive Income account, which is quite appealing, too. This account type helps you to create a unique trading strategy that is quite detailed. It will allow you to gather more funds over time, with the stable payouts for the foreseeable future during your trading journey.

The Retirement account gives you a lot of benefits in the area of saving money for your retirement days. Because of this, your strategic plan will be somewhat different, since it takes into consideration your long-term plans for this area of investing.

Lastly, the Wealth-Builder account type is reserved for the high-rollers and more experienced clients, who are not afraid to dab into the riskiest parts of the trading market to earn astounding payouts. Are you one of them?

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods at Rosewood Trust 

Rosewood Trust team has made sure that this section is not only safe for you but also versatile. After all, they want you to have the most options to choose when it comes to funding your account. All deposit methods are able to process your transactions instantly, while the withdrawals take a bit longer. However, this is not at all unusual. They include the bank wire transfer, which takes about 2 business days. Then, the credit and debit cards are a bit faster at 1 business day. Lastly, the e-wallets option might be the most suitable, since it will process your withdrawal request instantly.


Does Rosewood Trust Offer Any Educational Material?

When it comes to education at Rosewood Trust, we were pleasantly surprised to find so many different options when it comes to eBooks. They are educational, up to date with the latest market innovations, and also filled with lessons and helpful tips that are easy to include in your everyday trading strategy. Then, the Glossary is an unexpected but highly necessary educational tool that you can find here, with the latest terms used every day on the market.


Also, we have to mention the Asset Index section, which explains in great details about each security and its details and requirements such as trading hours, margin and other important things that you should learn before you begin trading.

Is the Rosewood Trust Support Team Helpful?

The customer support agents at Rosewood Trust are quite friendly and helpful, which we found encouraging and a real breath of fresh air on the market. You can contact them through many channels and platforms. The first one is the live chat box which is available at the bottom of the home page, where you will get your answers instantly. Then, you can also choose either the e-mail or the telephone option, which will take you directly to the agent who will provide assistance.


Shall I Trade with Rosewood Trust?

Based on everything we’ve shown you in the previous passages, you can conclude that Rosewood Trust is a safe and reliable broker company that is going places. When choosing a trading company, it is quite important for it to be a well-established name with long-lasting reputation and years of experience. Rosewood Trust covers all of these requirements, which not a lot of companies are able to do today.