SecuredVC Forex Broker Review 2021

SecuredVC Forex Broker Review 2021

The name SecuredVC is alone a pretty clear signal and a representation of the company’s goals and dreams for you and your trading path. For one – the company’s operations are based and focused on security while trading, which is not something that a lot of names tend to dedicated themselves too. The entire trading landscape is quite unpredictable and fast-changing, which is great. However, this also implies that it is quite challenging for the market to keep up with the latest regulatory guidelines and frames in order to ensure the safety of all its clients.

This, however, should not be a tipping point for the brands at all. It only means that they have to work that much harder for their clients, as well as to make the trading environment as secure as possible. After all, this is also the safest way to achieve greatness, and ensure the loyalty and trust of the clients who will keep coming back for years to come. SecuredVC has the right idea about this. Their team is constantly implementing new and innovative solutions in order to ensure that this value is always honoured, which is why they have our praise. In this SecuredVC review, you will learn a lot more about this brand, with an emphasize on the things that make it pop on the market in the crowd of other names.

Tradable Assets at SecuredVC

The very first thing that we wanted to check out to see if SecuredVC is worthy of our attention is the selection of tradeable assets. After all, this is the main focus of every client, so it should be up to their requirements and needs. We were pleasantly surprised that the asset selection here is quite versatile and satisfying. Namely, there are over 200 different assets and asset groups, from CFDs and stocks to Forex and commodities.


When it comes to CFDs, we have to say that this company offers some of the highest leverages possible in this area. Of course, when it comes to leverage, it is key to make a suitable balance as well, so there is not too much risk involved in your decision making. As a result, you can trade your favourite CFDs with the leverage of up to 300, depending on the account type that you choose.

Then, we also have to mention the Forex part of the equation. Namely, there is something for everyone here. First, you can find all the classics – currencies and currency pairs such as USD/EUR, EUR/GBP, USD/JPY and more. But what struck as a pleasant surprise was the fact that there are some currencies that are considered exotic. In other words, you can also find assets here that you normally would not at other trading companies.

Lastly, we should also mention the cryptocurrency selection at SecuredVC. Namely, not a lot of trading companies would dare to include digital currencies in their asset selection, since they are quite unpredictable and risky to trade. However, the payout is that much greater, which this company recognizes. Not to mention that SecuredVC is allowing you to make your own and independent trading decisions, whichever road you wish to take.

SecuredVC Trading Platform Features

Speaking of the trading platform at SecuredVC, we were surprised by all the positive comments and experiences we stumbled upon online. Namely, the companies this young are rarely able to satisfy a broader crowd and gather a solid amount of clients and traders, so this is great for the brand.


Next, we were also enjoying the trading platform layout, which is easy to navigate and loads instantly. It does not contain any unnecessary clutter or flashy ads that promise you secure payouts – SecuredVC is an open book, which is important when acquiring new clients. Also, the platform is simple which is important for beginners especially. Namely, the assets which you can trade are available and listed through groups such as CFDs, stocks, Forex etc. This way, when you click on each one you can see the list of the latest and most successful assets in that category.

And on the right, you will find the handy chart for each one of them, which shows you live market performance for each asset, as well as other trading signals and tools at your disposal. The platform is fully functioning on both mobile and desktop devices too, which is a must in today’s competitive market environment.

Account Types Offered at SecuredVC

The account types selection at SecuredVC is quite versatile, so there is something for everyone here. Their team takes into consideration the fact that there are many different types of traders, beginners and trading pros, so we should take a chance on each one of them. This also includes creating special account packages for each one of them, so they can utilize their full capacities on the trading market.

So, there are four account types in total which you can find at SecuredVC, and they are more than enough to fulfil your trading needs. The first one is called the Self-managed account, and it can be yours after you deposit at least $250 into your account. With this account type, you have the access to all the usual trading platform features, such as all tradeable assets with the leverage of up to 100. Next one is the Gold account, which comes with a $10.000. It allows a bit higher leverage, and also includes different trading tools and features that can help you on your trading journey.

The astounding Platinum account comes with a deposit of $100.000. It gives you your own personal account manager who will give you a lot of helpful tips to make your trading life easier. Also, this account type has priorities when making withdrawal requests, which is quite important, don’t you think? Lastly, the VIP account is invitation only, and it is reserved for trusted and loyal clients. We can only imagine what you get with it!

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods at SecuredVC

The entire funding process at this company is explained in great details at the company’s website, and its section marked Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy. First of all, you should know that the deposits are processed instantly, regardless of which payment option you choose. This is a great thing, especially considering how hectic the trading environment can get. Next, we should note that the processing times for withdrawals are a bit different.


Namely, the bank wire transfer option usually takes the longest. In this case, it is around 3 business days. Next, if you decide to use your credit or debit card, you will find that the processing times here usually depend on your bank’s policy. Lastly, there is also a solid choice of e-wallets, which are able to process all of your transaction requests instantly. They are particularly suitable for crypto trading.

Does SecuredVC Offer Any Educational Material?

The offering of educational material at SecuredVC is pretty standard. First, you have some e-books at your disposal, which you can download to any device and read through when you want to learn something new or simply revise your knowledge on all things related to trading. Then, there is a handy Glossary list, which contains the latest terms in trading you should get acquainted with. Also, the Asset Index page lists all the trading hours and other particular details about every single tradeable asset available on the SecuredVC trading platform.

Is the SecuredVC Support Team Helpful?

The customer support agents at this company can be reached through various communication channels. First one is the live chat option, which connects you to an agent instantly. Then, you can try the telephone number option too if that’s more your speed. The agents are equally helpful on the phone, too. Lastly, there is the e-mail option which you can use whenever you wish, regardless of the hours. The response here usually comes within 24 hours, including the weekends.

Whichever option you choose, you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. The company’s customer support agents are equally helpful and friendly, which is not a combination to take lightly in this day and age.

Shall I Trade with SecuredVC?

Based on everything we’ve seen so far we can safely say that SecuredVC is a brand we can recommend to all our readers. No matter if you are trying out the trading waters for the first time or you’ve been present for a while on the trading market, you will be pleasantly surprised by your trading experience at SecuredVC. This company has been present on the market for a few years now, but it is on its path of achieving greatness. It is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon if you ask us. So, we hope that this SecuredVC review has helped you assess the ups and downs of this trading company easily and that you will make a smart and impactful decision for yourself based on it.