StocksCM Forex Broker Review 2021

StocksCM Forex Broker Review 2021

It’s not an easy task to find your place in the Forex market world when there are so many established brokers. If you want to climb to the top, you have to offer some great deals to the traders. The broker we will be reviewing today exists for a couple of years only. Within those years, it managed to gain trusted clients who are happy to return and trade here. That’s exactly why it caught our attention. Trading conditions must be good, otherwise, we doubt that clients would leave so many positive comments on the Internet. So, without further ado, let’s see if StocksCM is worth your trust.

Tradable assets at StocksCM

This broker offers more than 200 tradable assets. The selection is excellent and if you like to change the asset class from time to time, you have numerous options here. Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Currencies or Crypto are at your disposal and it doesn’t matter which account you chose, either way, you have an option to trade all of them. We are glad to see that the first thing about this broker is excellent. It’s important to offer different assets to the clients and StocksCM takes that very seriously, which is great.


StocksCM trading platform features

A platform is a place where you will be spending most of your time. It has to be responsive, optimised and user-friendly. StocksCM decided to create its own platform that will be unique and easy to manage. At the first glance, it looks excellent and we really liked it.

The platform is divided into three segments and you can customise each one of them and arrange everything according to your preferences. Also, it works on mobile phones and tablets, as well. We checked everything and it was completely error-free.

The navigation through the platform is easy, even though this was the first time we saw it, it was not complicated to adjust it and find the assets we want. So, it’s a big plus for the platform, but let’s see if other trading conditions are equally good.


Account types offered at StocksCM

To make the offer complete, each broker needs to implement different account types. Of course, these trading accounts need to have significant differences to meet the needs of every single client. One of the main differences is the minimum deposit requirement. Professional traders are willing to give significantly higher amounts for initial deposits, while beginners like to start slowly.

With StocksCM you can choose between four accounts. The offer is good, there is enough for everyone, so let’s see what you can get within each of these accounts. The Silver account is the first one, it doesn’t offer so many possibilities, but it is perfect if you are just starting. This way, you will be able to improve the skills while depositing just 250 EUR. This account brings over 200 tradable assets, market reviews and leverage up to 1:100. Just as we said, it’s not much but it’s all you need for the perfect start.

If you already have some trading experience, the Gold account will be more suitable for your needs. The minimum deposit requirement is 10,000 EUR and compared to the Silver one, you will get so much more. For example, the leverage is up to 1:100, gold spreads are available, you will receive a dedicated account manager, bonus funds and financial planning. This is just half of the things you get within the Gold account, and that’s why it is so perfect if your trading appetites are not that high, but you are not a beginner either.

Now, we have a serious offer named the Platinum account. If you are ready to make an initial deposit of 50,000 EUR this is the perfect choice for you. With the Platinum account, you will get leverage up to 1:300, trading signals, platinum spreads, prioritized withdrawal process level 2, private analyst sessions, weekly webinars and many more things. This is our personal favourite and based on every condition, 50,000 EUR as the minimal deposit is not that high at all. You will receive much more in return.

Lastly, there is a VIP account and this is an invitation-only principal. As a VIP member, a lot of things will be at your disposal. Starting with the access to all VIP events, webinars and special venture promotions. Not to mention the great spreads and leverage. To become a VIP member you need to start trading at StocksCM first. We suggest you choose the Platinum account and after a while, you can request an account upgrade.

This broker left a big impression on us when it comes to the selection of accounts. There is a perfect balance between the number of account types and the offer you get within each of them. The best thing of all, both beginners and professionals can find something that will suit them.


Withdrawal and deposit methods at StocksCM

Once you open an account, you need to make the first deposit to start trading. You can do it with three different methods — Credit Cards, Bitcoins or Wire Transfer. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, since none of them has deposit fees and the money will be on your trading account instantly.

When it comes to withdrawals, methods are the same. This time, there is a small fee of 1 percent, and the minimum requirement for withdrawal is 100 USD/GBP/EUR. There is an identity verification process, mandatory after each withdrawal request. Although it will prolong the whole process, we completely support this part. It ensures the safety of the funds and you can trade peacefully knowing that the money is secured with this broker.


Does StocksCM offer any educational material?

In most cases, educational material is reserved for the clients. Each broker needs to have something exclusively for them, so we assume StocksCM has the same policy. There is an Education Center page, that contains eBooks, Asset Index, Frequently Asked Questions and the Glossary. Not a bad start, at all!

The eBook section has over ten books that you can read online. Each of them has more than 30 pages, which means a lot of reading material is waiting for you. What we didn’t expect is to see that all of these eBooks are completely free for everybody. You don’t even have to be a registered user to gain access.

The rest of the Education Center is also very helpful. The Asset Index and Glossary page will help you learn everything about the companies and some Forex terms, while the FAQ page has details about accounts, deposits, platform, etc. So, there is a chance you won’t need to contact support at all.

Keep in mind that StocksCM provides additional learning materials depending on the account type, just as we assumed. There are webinars, market reviews, VIP events, etc. and with each account, you gain access to some of them. Apparently, this broker knows how to treat clients nicely.


Is the StocksCM support team helpful?

The one thing that’s clear until now is that StocksCM is a broker with excellent conditions and offers. That said, we expect nothing but the highest-levels of support that will complete the whole impression.

The first important thing we have to say is that due to the pandemic, StocksCM closed phone lines. Those are precautionary health measurements for the whole customer specialist team, and we support this. As long as they are responsive on the Live Chat and email, we don’t mind the lack of other options.

There is an online form on the website and if your problem is not big enough, you can use it (it has limitations in characters). This is the option we used to test if someone will be supportive enough or not. We decided to go with this online form because it has an option to send your message directly to the right department. The ones we chose were Trading Platform Assistance because we wanted to check something about their unique platform. We sent a message during the day (their working hours were finished) and we got a reply early in the morning. Apparently, they are more than responsive.

Also, the answer was very helpful. We received an instruction, so we were able to proceed with trading. Our expectations from the beginning were fulfilled which means this StocksCM review will end up the same way it started, on a very positive note.


Shall I trade with StocksCM?

Well, a conclusion is unnecessary here. If you read the whole review, it’s predictable what we are going to say. Yes, you shall open an account and start trading, because there is not a single thing that suggests frauds. The money is safe and secured, customer support is available when you need them and the conditions are excellent. Our overall impression is excellent and we can recommend StocksCM without hesitation.