TheWealthCore Broker Review 2021

TheWealthCore Broker Review 2021

TheWealthCore is one of the recently established brokerages. While it doesn’t have a pedigree as some of its closes competitor, it managed to quickly establish itself like one of the more relevant players in the online trading industry. We wanted to take a closer look and discover what all the hype was about and after trading for several weeks we are ready to share our discoveries. Our journey with TheWealthCore was full of surprises, so be sure to read the entire review to learn about all the pros and cons of this brokerage.  

TheWealthCore is trying to establish an identity as a broker who is trustworthy and has the trader best interest at heart. At every corner, they are depicting this philosophy of “build by brokers” to emphasise their dedication to build something that is superior to the rest of the competition.  The one thing that especially caught our eye was the presentation on their homepage. You won’t find any lavish promises, but rather a simple breakdown of all the features. This down-to-earth approach creates much more grounded traders’ expectations and a healthier trading environment. You are now lured in by promises of getting rich quick, like some other brokerages. This level-headed tactic is also apparent in other aspects of this brokerage, and we address all of them in the rest of our TheWealthCore review.


Tradeable Assets at TheWealthCore

A good trading portfolio is a diversified one. You will learn this on any trading course. This is why it is vital for any brokerage to provide access to a wide range of tradable assets, and TheWealthCore delivers on this front. Their trading platform contains more than 200 tradable instruments so that you have plenty of options to update your portfolio according to the market trends. If you want to check out for yourself the list of assets, you can do so on their brand new platform. We will touch on its benefits more in the following section, as we will focus only on the assets list for now.

The left side of their web-based platforms’ user interface is reserved for its available tradable instruments. They are all divided into several categories that include Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities and Indices. If you have a certain asset in mind, you can quickly locate it thanks to the search option on top. Otherwise, you can browse to your heart’s content. Each asset includes a small preview screen that holds very valuable information. Here you can learn about the buy and sell price, as well as overall performance since the last session. Thanks to this, you can quickly make additions to your portfolio, which can be very useful in such a quick-paced industry.


TheWealthCore Trading Platform Features

Now, let’s address the rest of the platform that TheWealthCore offers. Like we mentioned previously, the entire platform was built from the ground up, closely following that “build by traders” philosophy. It is web-based so that you can access it at any moment, regardless of whether you are at your computer, or you are using a mobile device. Another benefit of this approach is the speed of all order executions and overall stability. We cannot emphasise enough, just how these features are important when treading highly volatile assets. This was achieved in part due to stripping down some more advanced tools that platforms such as Meta Trader still possess. In the end, it’s a trade-off, you sacrifice a little bit of advanced analytical tools, but in return, you get plenty more that is arguably even more valuable in this industry.

The majority of the screen is reserved for the real-time performance monitor. Here you can inspect and analyse your preferred assets’ current and past performance. You are given several tools such as Fibonacci and Elliot 3 Line to enhance your trading experience. These tools are intended for intermediate users and do not require extensive trading knowledge. If you are a hardcore analyst, you might feel the absence of some highly advanced tools, but otherwise, you should be more than satisfied with what is on offer.

On the left, you will find plenty of shortcuts that will help you remain fully immersed in the trading experience. From within the app you can view and change your opened and closed positions, deposit or withdraw funds or even contact customer service. All these might sound like minor conveniences, but when you are trading for a long time, you realise what time-savers these features really are.

Account Types Offered at TheWealthCore

In order to attract all types of traders, TheWealthCore diversified their offer with numerous account types, each specially designed to cater to a different demographic. At the moment of writing, there is no Demo account available, but considering how cheap the lowest tier is, there is hardly a need for one. If you decide to test out the platform before fully committing, you can do so for €250. The other accounts are designed packed with much more perks in mind. Here you can find a detailed analysis of each one of them:

  • Silver

As we previously stated, this is entry-level content. For a small deposit, you gain full access to the platform, in addition to daily market reviews to help you with making better-informed decisions. Your starting leverage is up to 100.

  • Gold

When you feel you are ready to upgrade, you can switch to the gold tier. You receive your own dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, and monthly webinars. Education and support at this level are worth the asking price, which is €10,000.

  • Platinum

If you feel even more ambitious, you can jump directly to the Platinum account. Trading signals, financial and risk management planning, trade room analysis are just a few of the benefits you get. €50,000 might seem like a hefty amount at first, but it is intended for more serious traders anyway, so we feel it makes sense.

  • VIP

VIP tier represents the top of the range of what TheWealthCore can offer its traders. Currently, there is no information on how to attain this tier, as it seems to be invitational only. Bonus perks include VIP spreads and leverage, access to VIP events, private analyst sessions, prioritized withdrawal process and much more. With all this in mind, we have no doubt that the top traders will aim to go straight for this tier.

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods at TheWealthCore

When it comes to funding your account, it is pretty much as standard as it gets in this industry. If you have ever traded before, you’ll know exactly what you are getting into. The good thing about this is that you can be assured your funds are safe at all times. For both deposits and withdrawals, you can use either bank-related payment methods such as credit cards and wire transfers, or alternatively, if you have a digital wallet, you can opt for Bitcoin transfer.

In our experience, the latter option proved to be more efficient. While all crypto transactions are executed instantly, we had mixed results with bank-related methods. Upon further investigation, we realized that the bottleneck was caused by our bank provider due to some of their policies. So our advice would be to check with your bank beforehand to save yourself the potential issues down the road. If, for any reason, you feel an aversion towards crypto, expect that all bank withdrawals can take anywhere from several hours to several days (3 days tops in our experience).


Is TheWealthCore Team Helpful?

If at any point you face an issue, or simply wish to discuss anything with a TheWealthCore representative, you can rest assured that the entire process is completely hassle-free.  There are several ways of reaching out to them, and each one is equally efficient. We probably had the most fun with their quick chat feature. At first, we believed that it was probably operated by a bot that just forwards all queries to the F.A.Q. page. To our surprise, this was not the case, as it was run by an actual person who was both polite and knowledgeable. There two call centres, Australia and the United Kingdom, and the traditional email option. The only thing to keep in mind would be the operational hours which can vary depending on which method you prefer. All hours are depicted in GMT, so be sure to check the Contact Us page to see their availability.


Shall I Trade with TheWealthCore?

To conclude our TheWealthCore review, we have to emphasise once again just how satisfied we were. This brokerage managed to strike a perfect balance between adopting the already established industry standards with innovation in just the right places. In the end, you are left with a pretty competent and trustworthy broker. For all those of you who are having second thoughts because of the fact that is newly established, we are here to say there is no reason to worry, as we feel that TheWealthCore is doing all of the right things and that it is just a matter of time before it becomes one of the top brokers across the world.