Walton Chase Forex Broker Review 2021

Walton Chase Forex Broker Review 2021

Have you heard of Walton Chase yet? This trading company has been quietly paving a path for trading companies who wish to provide top-level trading services for 35 years now. For quite a while, this company was working under the radar, researching and getting to know the trading surroundings so that they could conduct their business operations suitably. And what are the results of that research? First of all – the market today is filled with a lot of names, but not all of them are reliable. The majority of them operates without a licence or is displaying false information about themselves to trick the clients.

This is a highly illegal activity and it is also damaging not only for the clients but also the entire trading industry. After all, these kinds of moves reflect badly on all the companies, especially the ones who are following the strict rules and regulatory frames of the industry. Walton Chase is one of those companies, who are contributing to clearing the name of the trading environment and all the brands who are really dedicating themselves to make the market inviting and approachable to all. How do they do that? In this Walton Chase review, we give you answers to this question and many more that you might not have even thought of yet.

Tradeable Assets at Walton Chase

Walton Chase is dedicated to providing top-level services to all the clients, regardless of their backgrounds, experience and levels of trading education. As a result, its creators have introduced us a perfect and complete package of trading services and tradeable assets, that even the biggest names in the industry could envy them for. All the assets are listed on the trading platform, which will also be explained in the following passages.

By far the most appealing assets that we could find on it are definitely the CFDs, which seem to be stretching to several dozen features and benefits. As you probably know already, CFDs are fast becoming the most attractive assets for your portfolio, since they have a lot less risk attached to them.


Next, the selection of stocks is quite versatile and includes the biggest names in the industry such as Apple, Tesla and Walmart. When it comes to these assets, it is very important that you keep up with the latest news about these companies, since they can gravely affect the stock value during each trading day.

Also, we should mention the currency pairs which we found on the platform. They include both the most popular pairings such as USD/EUR and USD/JPY, but also lesser-known ones which are usually referred to as the “exotic” currency pairs. Lastly, Walton Chase provides a wide selection of the cryptocurrencies, including both big names and the digital assets that are just coming into the spotlight. Overall, you can be certain that your trading needs will be fulfilled at all times when you are on this trading platform.

Walton Chase Trading Platform Features

Speaking of the Walton Chase trading platform, it is both highly advanced but yet user-friendly and simple. First, the platform loads perfectly and without any delays, which is imperative. But also, it is not at all cluttered or filled with unnecessary information that creates more harm than good. Everything you will need to know about each one of these assets is fully displayed and openly presented to you, so there is no stress about missing out on anything.


When you first visit the platform, you will notice that the assets available are divided into lists and subgroups to make it easier for you to manage and find your way around. After clicking on each one, you will see a colourful chart on the right, that represents the market performance for that asset in real-time. This way, you can create a suitable trading strategy for yourself much more easily than you would without these types of trading tools and signals. Lastly, we should also mention that the platform requires a two-factor authentication each time you are logging into your account. This is just another level of security that keeps you and your data safe while using the platform. 

Account Types Offered at Walton Chase

The account types and packages are constructed in a way that every single client can find a beneficial option for them. You can choose it based on your budget, your trading goals, your skills and abilities, you name it. Whichever one you choose you will have full access to a lot of benefits and features that this company has to offer. Let’s check them out one by one.

The first account type is called the Silver account, and you can sign up for it after depositing at least $250. It gives you full access to the tradeable assets list, as well as leverage of up to 1:100 while trading each one of them.

The next one if the Gold account, which comes with a $10.000 minimum deposit requirement. It has many benefits attached to it, such as detailed financial plans for your trading strategy, your personal account manager and many more. Next, we have the Platinum account, that gives you benefits such as primary withdrawal requests processing and smaller fees for most transactions.

Lastly, the VIP account is reserved for the most trusted and valued clients. It is invitation only and gives you the utmost features and advantages while trading on the Walton Chase platform.

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods at Walton Chase

The process of funding your account at Walton Chase is thoroughly explained down to a detail, which is quite refreshing and a positive note in our book. The depositing methods all come without any fees or commissions, while they are also processed instantly. This applies no matter which amount you choose to put into your account, so keep that in mind.


Next, the withdrawals are a bit different story considering that they have different processing times. For example, the bank wire transfer takes the longest – about 3 to 4 business days. Then, the credit cards are able to process your withdrawal within 2 to 3 business days, while the e-wallets do so instantly. So, it is not particularly difficult to decide on a payment option, right?

Does Walton Chase Offer Any Educational Material?

Walton Chase has made sure to keep their clients updated with everything they need to know about the trading market. They have also included many new ways to stay in touch with the market, mainly through the daily market reviews and news about the latest and upcoming events. As for the trading basics as well as the advanced lessons, you can turn to eBooks. They are quite a fun and educational read, and you can download them on any device.

Then, there is the Glossary with handy market terms so you can catch up with the trading lingo. Lastly, the Asset Index lists all the important features and data about every tradeable asset available on this platform.

Is the Walton Chase Support Team Helpful?

The customer support team at Walton Chase might just be one of the best features we found about this company. So far, we were mostly discouraged while researching other companies, since they don’t seem to pay a lot of attention to this section at all. This is a real shame, since having great customer support can eventually make or break the company in a long run. So, what is so special about the Walton Chase support team?


First, there are several telephone numbers which you can call if you wish to reach out to the agents. They are available during working hours, and it is quite easy to contact them. Then, there is the e-mail option too, which you can use if you prefer to write down your issue in great details. Lastly, you can use the live chat option to receive an answer instantly, while to talk directly with an agent in real-time. Either way, we were quite astonished by their efficiency and dedication, which is really rare in this industry.

Shall I Trade with Walton Chase?

As you can probably conclude already, we are quite surprised and satisfied with our experience with Walton Chase. They are smart, dedicated and focused on their goal – which is to introduce a brand-new generation of successful traders to the market. They do so by making their operations run smoothly each step of the way, from the trading platform to the funding methods and even educational material.

The great thing about these kinds of companies is that you can always rely on them to be forward, cutting-edge and dedicated to your success. Majority of other names are just here to make themselves rich, disregarding your personal trading goals and dreams. Luckily, this is not what Walton Chase is about at all, which is why we can recommend this company to both beginners and trading professionals.